Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How I Became a Knitter

How did I become the relatively fanatic knitter I am today?

The usual story... I became pregnant!

Can't remember how many weeks pregnant I was (maybe 8 weeks) and suddenly I got this urge to buy yarn and knitting needles. I still didn't know the sex of the baby so my first project was a gender neutral baby blanket. I think that is a common beginners mistake to start knitting a blanket, nothing more tedious and it could easily kill a newly developed interest for knitting.

Luckily the blanket did not kill my urge to knit, I even finished it before the baby was born! Since then I have knitted almost every day, going on 6 years.

Here's my very first project that I started and finished. Photo is taken after years of tough use.

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